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The ASICS shoes of flag

The ASICS shoes of flag asics running shoes unique flag since Asics Pioneer, continue to use today.Logo along with Dr. J (Julius Erving), "Magic" Johnson PRO the STAR (EARVIN JOHNSON), "Big Bird" Bird (LARGY BIRD) in the NBA, has created one after another popular myth of basketball.Now, the "Star Arrow" logo is no longer confined to the shoes.A PRO STAR simple and unique logo and the simplicity of color, teach people to trigger memories of the Age of Innocence, to give a new interpretation of the wave of retro.In Japan, South Korea, PRO STAR become the best-selling shoes after JACK PURCELL (open laugh). The Asics Shoes ONE STAR Series predecessor Kimura series one.Other subversive habit, from the vamps tied to the toe.A pair of red shoes bow, though not fly together, but one after the other, walking has enough swaying posture of Health of.Simple and clean, strong contrast pattern details the embellishment of function.Above is the official website of Asics Asics finishing with shoe laces. Asics contract during the period 2002-2003 Japanese film star Kimura Billiton planted spokesperson for the brand, better color models are named after him.The later evolved Kimura called second and third generation, and so on.Until late 2003 before a series of trademark registration is completed in the fall of 2005 registered oriented brand.Its main feature is pure leather uppers, both sides only a star pattern (Asics Casual Shoes ONE STAR), followed by the bottom the ONE STAR marked; the only style laces aspects partakers Bangsheng and Velcro (hasp ).A flexible printed trademark should be clear.Look at the various rubber bonded parts.See if there is a small plastic point.Bubbles.Two shoes put on the ground contrast.Check the color of the various parts.Pattern.High end.Length.Width are consistent. Popular casual shoes lace.Or with a zipper to the main.Color Heizi.Blue.The White Jiehong.Beige.Brown rice.Silver yellow.Prynne such as color tone.Material mostly rubber outsole.The vamp majority.In summer beige.White orange light colored shoes with light gray pants.White shorts.Yellow or silver.Brown-orange-red shoes with wear.The White Jiehong.Light blue sportswear for the mainstream, Asics shoes Asics official online Lightning Black is part of this style. How to buy order for everyone above is the official website Asics Asics shoes, hope more users can to share your Asics experience with Asics official website.
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